----------------------------------West Coast Admin Guide-------------------------------------
Chapter One: How to be a Good Admin.

Any regular player wants to be surrounded with a clean environment and definitly doesnt want to be around admins that ABUSE their powers, or ruins there Role-Play experiance. This is why the first thing that any play will say is: "Stop Abusing Your Powers!". 

  The first step towards being a good admin is not abusing your powers. You aren't only making it uncomfortable for the players, but your also making them jealous. They can just as easily get hacks, and cheat there way up. We, as Admins, we don't want that. We need them to have a good time on the server. Sure you have the power to ban, spawn weapons, fine, mute, give money, and all that... but then again, you need to know how to control these powers.

 We made YOU an admin because we can trust you to be responable for the server. NOT for you to go and give people max cash, and spawn mini gun and deathmatch. Your job is to keep the server enjoyable for the players that are in it. Thats why you need to understand to CONTROL YOUR POWER.

  The second step towards being a good admin, is HELPING players. By helping, many admins confuse this with: "Hey this guys pretty cool. Why dont i just give him like, 500 Million, i'll help him out so much" but NO. By helping players we mean making it enjoyable and comfortable for them to play. This probably will mean you will need to fine DM'ers, and loud mouths. The best way to know how the player feels, is if you step into their shoes... not literally. Im saying, pretend your him. Would you like it if this and that happened? This tip would go a long way.
  The third step to being a good admin. DON'T GO CRAZY ABOUT BANNING PEOPLE! I can not even tell you how many amatures have this problem. The second player they see money hack or spam, they automatically ban them. Why? Like i said earlier, we want it to be confortable for the players, and yea, I'm not saying for you not to ban hackers, but I'm saying, use it as your last move. First try to give him a fine, or remove his money. If he doesnt stop, put him in prison or mute him. If he still doesnt stop, kick him. And if he finally doesn't listen to anything you say, only THEN you can ban him!
Chapter Two: Admin Commands  
There are so many commands for an Admin, so im going to go through some of the most important ones:   /(a)dmin: Talks in Admin Chat
/check: Checks players stats
/mute: Mutes/Unmutes a player
/warn: Warns a player
/ban: Bans a player
/goto: Teleports to a player   
/bigears: Lets you listen to all players conversations
/freeze: Freezes a player
/unfreeze: Unfreezes a player
/noooc: Disables/Enables the /OOC chat
/jail: Jails a player in LSPD jail for your selected time
/prison: Prisons a player in Fort Morgan (Area 51) for one hour
/mark: Sets a marker to where you teleport with /gotomarker
/gotomarker: Goes to the marker you have selected with /mark
/gotols: Goes to the Los Santones LSPD
/mole: Send a text message to all the players/seth
/sethp: Sets players health to the amount (1-100)
/setarmor: Sets players armor to the amount (1-100)
/givegun: Give player gun
/fuelcar: Fuels your car
/money: Sets players money
/setstat: Sets a players stat
Chapter Three: How to Lose Your Admin Rights  

Although you have these commands infront of you (actually more then there is in the guide)

 there are many that if you use them, we will remove your admin rights, OR EVEN BAN YOU! Here are the commands --NOT-- to use:  
/ban: If we find you using this command without asking us, then we are going to remove your admin rights. If you abuse this command, were going to IP ban you and delete your account. 
/warn: Same thing as ban. We will remove your admin rights if you don't ask us or abuse it.  
/kick: Same thing as ban. Ask before you use this command or you'll lose your admin rights  
/money: please ASK before you use this command. We are going to remove your admin rights if we find out!  
/goto, /gethere, /gotols, /gotolv, /gotosf: oooh.. this is where many admins bomb out on. Ok look. We're letting you use this command (lucky bastards) BUT!! if we find you teleporting places to kill someone, we are removing your admin rights. Also don't use this command UNLESS you get called for.  
/setstat: PLEASE ask for a 9999 admin before you use this command. You MUST have a reason to use it to.
If We find you messing around with this command, we will be removing your admin rights.
Chapter Four: West Coast Role-Play Admin Crew   These would be the admins you would talk to if you needed any help or ask to use a command. We are all happy to answer your questions. 

  West_Rider                    Zack_Gardel                 Dandy_Matt
German_Nator               Luka_Gardel                 David_Johnson

  Ok so as long as you follow this guide to being an Admin, you will do fine in our community, and all the players will love and respect you. Thank you again for sticking with us, and hope that you help us out!

            -------------West Coast Admin Guide Written By: Zack_Gardel-------------------